Kornitzer Capital Management

KCM is a privately held, 100% employee owned corporation, founded in 1989 by John C. Kornitzer. Prior to founding KCM, Mr. Kornitzer was Vice President of Investments for Employers Reinsurance Corp (ERC). He joined ERC in 1978, and managed corporate assets for the company through acquisitions by Getty Oil, Texaco and finally General Electric Investment Corporation (GEIC), where he ran investment portfolios for ERC and GEIC until founding KCM.

The firm was created to manage customized portfolios for private clients and institutions. We continue to provide client-focused, personalized money management though our Kornitzer Private Client Services (KPCS) group, and pension, corporate and foundation separate account management through our institutional services group.

With our approach to lifetime asset management, KCM helps clients achieve their long-term financial goals throughout the various investment stages including accumulation, preservation and retirement.

Over the years, based on client request or need, we formed companies and alliances to better serve specific niches. A trust company was established to administer and custody retirement plans, and provide full personal trust services to individuals. A mutual fund company was formed to handle IRAs and smaller investment accounts.

great plains trust company
KCM founded this independent, Kansas Chartered trust company based in Overland Park, Kansas in 1994. Great Plains Trust Company (GPTC) provides trust and investment management services to over 2,000 pension plans, personal trust customers and IRA holders. GPTC utilizes KCM as an investment advisor in the management of all of its Common and Collective Funds.

buffalo funds
KCM is the founder of the funds and serves as its manager. This family of no-load mutual funds consists of ten publicly registered stock and bond funds.