Kornitzer Capital Management
private client services

Just as a portfolio of stocks needs to be actively managed over time, so too does an individual’s investment portfolio.  KCM has the investment experience to help clients achieve their long-term financial goals throughout the various investment stages.  Each individual’s unique set of circumstances are taken into consideration in order to construct the optimal portfolio for each phase.

As our clients begin the process of setting their financial goals, they often use the Buffalo Funds.  At this stage, the primary objective is typically growth of capital.

Prior to retirement a slow transition is commonly made from asset accumulation to preservation of capital.  This is primarily achieved by introducing an income component to a portfolio, which supplements the growth portion.  The result is usually a slightly more conservative portfolio leading up to retirement.  In addition to the same collection of funds mentioned above, separately managed accounts may also be created to help an investor accomplish their long-term financial goals.

Upon retirement, a client’s investment objectives often shift once again.  Income generation and capital preservation typically become the primary goals.  This frequently calls for a conservative portfolio that emphasizes income over growth.  In this stage, separately managed accounts through Kornitzer Private Client Services often offer individuals the optimal solution.  Portfolios are customized in order to adhere to each individual’s unique set of circumstances.