Kornitzer Capital Management

Research is the cornerstone for each of the Kornitzer Capital Management investment disciplines. Our research is comprehensive and 100% internally generated. Over the years, this process has been molded into a disciplined practice of discovery, investigation, and implementation. This proprietary analysis has been the key driver of our solid long-term results - not market timing or interest rate forecasting.

We pride ourselves on being able to find, manipulate and critique information on the companies we invest in. We use a variety of fundamental evaluation methods while dissecting vast amounts of data, visiting companies as well as their competitors and suppliers, and writing formal research reports. Lastly, we build proprietary financial models and use multiple valuation methodologies to derive a security’s intrinsic value.

After the completion of extensive analysis the recommendation is evaluated in both informal and formal investment meetings. The security is subject to intense group scrutiny. Once all discussion is complete then the group takes action.

KCM’s commitment to research enables its investment professionals to think independently and invest with confidence for the long term, especially when short-term sentiment runs the other way. Our belief is that periods of great pessimism often generate the best investment opportunities.